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Screen cap from Ralph Fiennes’ ‘The Invisible Woman’

by Sam Juliano

A ferocious blizzard blew through the metropolitan area on Thursday night forcing NYC and northern New Jersey schools to shut down, and leaving about eight inches of snow for motorists to deal with as temperatures have plummeted.  But the scenario in the mid west is even bleaker, with arctic air set to break records and seriously threaten people who venture outdoors.  We hope our many friends in that area (Pierre, Pat, Jon, Marilyn and Dave among others) will heed the warnings, though I am the last person on earth who should should be lecturing anyone about weather related wisdoms.  (I traveled to Brooklyn during a monumental storm two years ago, to see a film I felt I had to see before making a ten-best list, and I nearly earned admission to a mental ward)  Still, the prognosis is frightening, and I hope the expectations are not realized.

I will soon be sending out the initial group e mail for the ‘Romantic Movie Countdown,’ an endeavor that is tentatively slated for April, though the various time windows are still being planned.

WitD would like to extend New Year’s greetings to all our dear friends and readers!

I will be posting my Top 10 list (actually I have an unavoidable three-way tie for Number 10) so it will in effect be a Top 12, as well as the corresponding Runners-Up list next Monday, January 13th.  I refer all readers to check out Sachin Gandhi’s magnificent year-end presentation at Scribbles and Ramblings:


In view of the weather and other functions, Lucille and I were only able to see two films in theaters this past week, but all things considered that’s even more than I was figuring on. (more…)

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