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by Sam Juliano

Proudly displayed on a corner wall panel of their expansive ranch-style family room in a mansion-sized home situation on a scenic cul-de-sac in Butler, New Jersey are a cache of pictures chronicling the building of their home by family members and a few friends.  I am speaking here about my wife’s sister and her husband, who accomplished  what must seem to many as an inconceivable task, one that to this day has left many awestruck.  Built in 1986 when grandfathers from both sides of the family were still alive and active, the spacious home now stands as a testament to teamwork and resilience and a model for the three college-going young men who were treated to an entirely new definition of the word homespun.  Like anything else in life, nothing is appreciated and cherished more than what was created by one’s own hands or the proverbial blood, sweat and tears. (more…)

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