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by Allan Fish

sstd 1

(USA 2004 402m) DVD1

A film for people who like to read

d/w  Ken Jacobs  ph/ed  Ken Jacobs

Jack Smith, Jerry Sims, Gib Taylor, Bill Carpenter, Cecilia Swan, Ken Jacobs,

Ken Jacobs’ magnum opus is a time capsule of a movie if ever there was one.  It constantly harks back to the past, both America’s past and his own.  As such it opens a window to a period of American underground avant garde filmmaking that so closely resembles the fate of extinct species that it’s like viewing footage of the dodo.  It has no stars, only a series of sequences of free-form clowning featuring Jerry Sims and Jack Smith (as the Spirit Not of Life but of Living), the same Smith whose Flaming Creatures lit one of the brightest flames in the avant garde movement in the early 1960s.  Jacobs himself had made other films around that time, most notably Blonde Cobra, in which Smith again appeared, and it’s masturbatory cinema in its purest form, nigh on unwatchable now.  (more…)

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