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by Sam Juliano

Adorned in colorful marquee style on the star-bordered end papers of Yuri Morales’ spectacularly-popular Nino Wrestles the World are placards of some truly fearsome and nightmarish foes, who derive from Mexican folklore:

“La Momia De Guanajuato” was dug up from his tomb at Santa Paula cemetery; he has been chasing people since 1865.  He hides out at the Guanajuato City Museum.  His birth name is Dr. Remigio Leroy.  His Lucha style: He likes to bite.

“La Llorona” is a famous Mexican ghost.  Her terrifying cry echoes through the night sending shivering children under the covers.  Her battle cry is !Ayyyyyy, mis hijos!  Her Lucha style is taking children away to make them her own.

“Cabeza Olmeca” is sculpted from basult rock, hardheaded since the rise of the Olmec civilization in 1400 BCE.  His temperament is one of mystery and his Lucha style is ‘head first.’

El Extraterrestre is a space explorer, first reported hovering over the earth in his flying saucer in 1947.  His secret desire is to see the world and his Lucha style is abduction.

El Chamuco (the Devil) is powerful and rebellious, and he likes to tempt people into doing bad deeds.  He has a ‘fiery’ temperament and his Lucha style is placing obstacles and causing downfalls. (more…)

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Laurie Buchanan wins prestigious award

by Sam Juliano

Out very dear friend, the gifted mountain of effervescent and good will, the irrepressible midwesterner and erstwhile holistic practitioner Laurie Buchanan was a big winner this past week of a huge honor at Sonia Marsh’s “Gutsy Living Site”:


Laurie’s ‘Gutsy Story’ which was selected by voters of the five that were nominated is titled “I Thought I was stupid, but now I have a PhD” will be published in the site’s ‘Gutsy Story’ anthology in the Fall of 2014!  Congratulations to Laurie, who has been achieving all kinds of professional milestones as of late!  More on that at a future date.

My Caldecott Medal series will be running until next Monday morning, when I will have a full list of predictions and round-up of the remaining books that I won’t be able to cover over the coming week in advance of the January 27th announcements by the American Library Association.  This past week the site received an incredible honor when acclaimed illustrator Carin Berger left an appreciative comment (two in fact) under my review of her extraordinary book Stardines Swim Across the Sky and other poems.  The wonderful Ms. Berger (author and illustrator of the fabulous The Perfect Day) is the second illustrator after Aaron Becker (Journey) to acknowledge the series, and I can only say “wow” to that!  Certainly it is the ultimate honor to a writer to have his subject respond, and in such glowing terms.  Thank you so much Carin Berger!  And best wishes to you on Monday!  Hours later a third illustrator, the distinguished Bob Staake, creater of Bluebird weighed in with his fabulous reaction to the review here on Facebook.  And late yesterday a fourth illustrator, Yuyi Morales who created Nino Wrestles the World responded favorably on Facebook. (more…)

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