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Video by Melanie Juliano

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by Sam Juliano

We inherited two amazon parrots four years ago.  Through suggestions posed by the kids we named the older one “Roy” and the much younger one, “Blue.”  Though we still haven’t ascertained if they are male or female we can safely figure they are probably both the same sex, since they are housed in the same cage.  What have we learned about this species of bird during this time?  Well, after the novelty of  bringing them in through the door, and situating their cage in the basement they have been largely ignored by our five kids who have for a very long time operated on animal overload, what with two labs, one pug and five cats living in various locations under our roof.  “Roy” says “hello” repeatedly in intervals, while Blue makes screeching sounds, and hasn’t yet developed the ability to ape human syllables.  They are loud, often annoying, and when you get close to the cage the far more vicious Roy flies at you hoping to get a piece of your flesh.  They are high maintenance as far as cleaning around the cage regularly, and they have exasperated many a guest in our basement who like taking in their movies in a quiet environment.  Yet, they could still be fun interacting with, and “Blue” is a particularly beautiful specimen of the species. (more…)

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