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 Two folksingers, Jean and Llewyn, at a time (1961) and place (Greenwich Village) supposedly welcoming to their calling, are in a coffee house discussing her imminent abortion. She’s married to Jim and theirs is a musical partnership beginning to be noticed for their undemanding lyricism. Llewyn, on the other hand, was partnered with Mike Timlin (not, perhaps, a successful baseball relief pitcher), until the latter committed suicide by jumping off the George Washington Bridge. That defunct duo’s one and only album, “If We Had Wings,” was not without generous hooks and telling harmonies. Of late Llewyn’s been a soloist, and Jean, who tells him a bit earlier, “Fuck you, you asshole! Everything you touch turns to shit! I miss Mike!” [Perhaps he was the reliever, picking up the starter prone to losing his stuff], asks, “Do you ever think about the future?” Llewyn calmly retorts that her notion of progress being the suburbs and kids (unequivocally from Jim) is not for him. “It’s a little careerist and a little sad.

    It’s, as noticed, 1961, and, across town, Holly Golightly, in the film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, lives with her ginger cat (“no name slob”). She maintains, “We [namely, she and No Name] belong to nobody…” and, “Suddenly you’re afraid, and you don’t know what you’re afraid of…” She finds that a visit to the jewellery emporium, Tiffany, always picks her up with its “quiet and proudness.” Llewyn sponges off of (among many others) Mike’s parents, Upper West Side academics. On one occasion he comes by (dropping off their ginger cat which he had carried, lost and then hunted for around town after having it locked out of their place) as they are getting started with a dinner party involving a few PhDs—among them an Early Music expert. (more…)

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