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by Allan Fish

(Japan 1952 97m) DVD6 (Hong Kong only)

Aka. Gembaku no ko

 The consolation of living

p  Kozaburo Yoshimura  d/w  Kaneto Shindo  ph  Takeo Ito  m  Akira Ifukibe  art  Takashi Marumo

Nobuko Otowa (Takako Ishikawa), Chikako Hosokawa (Setsu, her mother), Masao Shimizu (Toshiaki, her father), Osamu Takizawa (Iwakichi), Miwa Saito (Natsue Morikawa), Yuriko Hanabusa (Oine), Tanie Kitabayashi (Otoyo), Tsutomu Shimomoto (Natsue’s husband), Shinya Ofuji, Tsuneko Yamanaka, Takashi Ito, Eijiro Tono,

When one considers the cataclysmic effects of the dropping of the first atom bomb that fateful August morning in 1945 it’s perhaps surprising that so few notable Japanese films have sought to examine its effects and to perform the autopsy on the vanished society.  (Or maybe not so surprising, for Japan only rebuilt itself by not looking back).  Only Imamura’s Black Rain comes to mind in recent decades, but while an unforgettable film in its own right, it had the feel of reconstruction, of looking back on an event in Japan’s history.  In Children of Hiroshima, less than ten years have passed.  It feels more like current affairs, its effects still being felt and lived, its battered landscape partly rebuilt as they did in Dresden and indeed in London’s East End after the blitz.  (more…)

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