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by Allan Fish

(Canada/Sweden 1987 873m) DVD2 (France only)

To comment on the process of the film

p/d/w  Peter Watkins  ph/ed  various

Peter Watkins’ monumental study of life in the nuclear age had, for over 25 years, become a thing of myth.  Glimpsed as frequently as the village of Brigadoon, barely seen even when it was released.  It had been financed by various European organisations and Watkins intended it to be seen in schools, with each episode between 30 and 50 minutes, the length of a single class or period in a classroom.  After shooting for several years, over a hundred hours of footage were edited down to 19 episodes.  At its centre there was a summit between Ronald Reagan and Canadian leader Brian Mulroney, but also visits to Japan, Norway, Finland, West Germany, the US, Scotland (including the Isle of Lewis), Mozambique, Tahiti and the Soviet Union.  (more…)

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