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Masterful Italian drama ‘Human Capital’ is one of the very best feature films of Tribeca Film Festival.

Young Samuel Lange in exceptional Venuzuelan film ‘Bad Hair’ screened at Tribeca Film Festival.


by Sam Juliano

Lucille and I saw more films on the big screens this past week than any other comparable period in our lives, and we are still alive to talk about it.  The count for the seven day period is thirty-one (31) bringing the Tribeca total (with a second online at-home viewing) to 51.  But heck, this year’s Tribeca catch-phrase that is seen on the cover of the official guide booklet and on posters around the city and on-line is appropriately Film Festivals: The Original Binge-Watching, and indeed such an event has taken place in the three prime locations around the Big Apple that are hosting the festival.  Of course seeing 51 films fully entitles me to compile a Top Ten list, what will hardly any essential films not being seen, and it will be posted at the site this coming Thursday, May 1st.  We would like to extend our deepest thanks to Pete Torres at Tribeca for his usual hospitality and all those troupers at the theaters who worked their tails off to make Tribeca 2014 the huge success it was. (more…)

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