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Jillian Juliano after receiving Confirmation outside of Our Lady of Grace Roman Catholic Church Thursday evening.

Jillian again outside OLG

by Sam Juliano

Memorial Day 2014.  Always the entrance point for the hot stuff and treks down to the beaches.  Today promises to be ideal for barbecues and outdoor family get-togethers.  I say “today promises” because I am posting on Sunday afternoon a day in advance to stay behind the scheduled Number 96 romantic countdown essay that will automatically appear sometime in the middle of the night as set by the author.  Speaking of the romantic countdown, we completed the first week of its multiple month run, and are settling in to the routine we well remember from the prior genre countdown, most recently the one that considered westerns.  We are very pleased at the number of comments and page views and are anticipating a steady spike.  Thanks to all who have taken the time to participate in one way or another.

I want to again thank our very dear and constant friend and guardian angel Dee Dee for navigating the sidebar and adorning it with lovely reminders of Memorial Day, and for keeping ahead of some of the terrific noir venues nationwide.

Our friend Pat Perry is back from her trip to Germany, and is posting photos on her Facebook page.  Both Tony d’Ambra and Terrill Welch are still in Europe with their spouses, engaged in priceless visits to many scenic locations in France, Germany and Italy.  I’ve heard from both and am thrilled at the expected wrap up report when they return.  Some of us can only dream of such a journey. (more…)

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