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by Allan Fish

A few years ago, in response to requests from various people I caved in an did a top 3,000 films list.  Despite the success of countdowns on this site, I’m not really one for ordering film or any art for that matter.  Having set levels – ratings, whatever you want to call them – is fine, but ordering those that fall between one rung on the ladder and the one above or below seems increasingly like an insane act of a world champion ADD hair-splitter.  Almost immediately after it went up as a page on the top bar, I wanted to take it down, but I have always been of the belief that one cannot remove without an act of replacement.  And I could think of nothing to replace it.  So I let it stay, getting increasingly out of date as masses of rarities I’d never expected to see or, in some cases, even heard of, suddenly came into my clammy mitts.  Until now.

The book which I have laboured over long and hard for over 10 years now should be ready for Kindle publication by the end of the year, so it’s only partially connected to that.  But throughout the internet we have best lists of everything, so why not go the extra hog?  3,000?  Child’s play.  How about 5,000?  To one who has seen as many films as yours truly has, even 5,000 is insufficient, there are still films left circling the perimeter that I mourn, but this isn’t strictly just a best 5,000 films.  For one thing, as in the book, TV is included, too.  While there are also films that I may not be a fan of but which have many critical fans out there and/or which are just too important in film history to ignore.  There are also films I have not yet seen including a selection of 2013 and 2014 films still to come to Blighty and a selection of lost films (one can dream…).  A week or two from now I shall remove the top 3,000 page and replace it with a copy of this list, which I feel is the most important I have ever posted at Wonders.  Each year I hope to update it, but if the fates ordain otherwise as that’s still in the balance, then Sam will have to, at least with additions if not exclusions.

The list is in chronological order.  At the end is a sort of directorial scorecard, showing all directors with multiple entries.  Titles followed by an asterisk (*) are those I don’t possess copies of, though some I have seen.  Those followed by an x (x) are foreign films I have copies of, but without English subtitles.


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