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by John Grant

US / 82 minutes / bw / RKO Dir: Nicholas Ray Pr: John Houseman Scr: A.I. Bezzerides Story: Mad with Much Heart (1946) by Gerald Butler, adapted by A.I. Bezzerides, Nicholas Ray Cine: George E. Diskant Cast: Ida Lupino, Robert Ryan, Ward Bond, Charles Kemper, Anthony Ross, Ed Begley, Ian Wolfe, Sumner Williams, Gus Schilling, Frank Ferguson, Cleo Moore, Olive Carey, Richard Irving, Pat Prest, Nita Talbot, Joan Taylor.

A film noir that’s in its way more of an anti-noir, in that its protagonist is rescued from the noir abyss—and from the concrete and plate glass tunnels of the crowded city—through interaction in a rural environment with a femme who’s the opposite of fatale. A fairly early outing from Nick Ray—with a few scenes directed by Ida Lupino when illness, perhaps related to his substance abuse, required that Ray take a break—this is one of those members of the noir canon that somehow almost always gets forgotten. Yet, despite its oddness of narrative construction, On Dangerous Ground is a significant piece of moviemaking, and one that deserves far wider attention. (more…)

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