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by Lucille Juliano


Somewhere in Time     1h 48 min   Drama/Fantasy/Romance   Rated PG

Directed by Jeannot Szwarc

Screenplay by Richard Matheson

Based on the novel “Bid Time Return” by Richard Matheson

Music by John Barry

Produced by Ray Stark and Stephen Deutsch

Rastar Pictures


Released in the fall of 1980, Somewhere in Time takes Superman out of Metropolis, away from Lois Lane, and sends him “back in time” about five years before Marty McFly came on the scene.  Now, you must know that by saying Superman, I am actually referring to actor, Christopher Reeve.  Oh and by the way, in this movie, Margot Kidder (Lois Lane) is replaced by actress Jane Seymour and Gene Hackman (Lex Luthor) is replaced by Christopher Plummer.

      Somewhere in Time is the tale of a young playwright who gives up his life in the present to find what he hopes to be true love in the past.   Early in the movie, a young Richard Collier (Reeve) is approached by an elderly woman who hands him an antique gold pocket watch and pleads,  “Come back to me”.  Eight years later, a photograph of a young actress at the Grand Hotel intrigues Richard.  When he researches about her, he finds a picture of the young actress in her later years.  To his amazement, he realizes that the actress and the elderly woman that gave him the gold pocket watch years before are one in the same.  Collier then becomes obsessed with returning to 1912 and the beautiful young actress that is there waiting for him. (more…)

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by Sam Juliano

One down and four to go.  Our wonderful daughter Melanie -the oldest of our five children- graduated Cliffside Park High School this past week outdoors on a steamy hot and humid Wednesday evening at 6:00 P.M.  For us it is hard to believe that one of our kids has reached this point, though now it we pretty much be one after the other.  We certainly are very proud of our Melanie, who did finish in the top third of her graduating class, finishing with a fantastic senior year in academic achievement.

Best wishes for a soulful retirement to Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr. (our long time voting tabulator extraordinaire) who was the toast of a dinner on Wednesday night at Cafe Tivoli in Ridgefield.  D’Arminio and his wife Kathy plan to re-locate in South Carolina by the end of the summer.  He served as President of the Fairview Board of Education this past year after completing two separate stints on the nine-person panel.  We wish Angelo the very best in the coming years.

Despite a packed week with all kinds of events (Melanie’s graduation party was held on Sunday at the Tiger Hose Firehouse in Fairview) Lucille, Sammy, Jeremy and I managed to see three films in theaters this past weeek, though one of those was a twelve minute short shown at the BAM Film Festival that was directed by our good friend Jason Giampietro.  The two feature films we saw in theaters was another at the same BAM Festival, and the beloved STAR WARS at the Film Forum, shown as part of the Alec Guiness Film Festival.  At the STAR WARS screening on Sunday afternoon we met up with Bob Clark and had a very fine talk after the film in the lobby.  Whether one is a fervent fan of all the films or not, there is no denying this very first film made in the series as a landmark of the cinema for all sorts of reasons.  We all had quite a bit of fun I must say. (more…)

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