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by Melanie Juliano

“I wish I knew how to quit you.” – Jack (or Melanie about this film)

Why, oh, why do I continue to torment the sentimental part of my heart?  The answer’s simple:  Heath Ledger’s finely shaped behind….ah, or is it Jake Gyllenhaal’s angel lips?  No, I’m totally kidding, I guess.  It must be Ang Lee’s beautifully made film Brokeback Mountain who selfishly keeps dragging me into its somber whirlpool of fascinating images.

The piece follows two fully-grown cowboys, Ennis (Ledger) and Jack (Gyllenhaal), through their wistful love “transaction” for roughly two decades.  During the summer of 1963, Ennis and Jack are hired to be ranch hands, herding cattle on their handsome horses across the mountains of Wyoming.  As the weeks progress, the two begin to sense a dangerous bond (considered to be by the public) forming between them.  And before you know it, your dream of the two hunks becoming intimate, passionately fills up the screen with close-up shots that inform you of what a “true love’s kiss” actually is.  Hold on, before I go on with the plot any further, a shout-out to the impressive cinematography needs to happen.   Rodrigo Prieto’s  choices of movement pay good tribute to the emotion being driven throughout the film.  The fact that you could see the actors’ pupils dilate during a crying scene makes getting uninitiated with the characters impossible.  Also, the stunning scenery combined with the brilliant camera angles….let’s just say, Yoda would approve. (more…)

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