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by Sam Juliano

The summer continues to hold to temperatures in the lower to mid 80’s in the New York City area, but all things together this is a blessing – in past years we’ve had much worse.  For me it’s been an uncomfortable week, what with a persistent sore throat preventing me from having all that much fun.  In any case the Romantic Countdown continues, and will be moving in the 30’s this week.  Incredible, when you consider it seemed like yesterday when it launched.  As announced on previous MMD’s the projected final date for the unveiling of the Number 1 film will be on October 6th.

In the meantime we move closer and closer to September and the beginning of yet another new school year.  We are not sure what we have lined up for the coming weeks aside from a few screenings of the Classics of Polish Cinema  series (vigorously promoted by Martin Scorsese and reviewed at FoF by Marilyn Ferdinand) in Philadelphia.  It appears that Lucille and I will be making at least two trips there, and one -on Wednesday, March 20th to see Pharaoh will involve a family ride there with the entire brood and a family friend.  If things work out I will also see Eroica and Night Train and one or two others.  The plans are all tentative.


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