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Brenton Thwaites in screen capture from haunting THE GIVER, based on Lois Lowry’s 1993 Newbery Award winning masterpiece.

Capture from Lenny Abramson’s audacious and melancholy FRANK.

by Sam Juliano

Relatively mild August temperatures continue to stay the course as we move closer to the final days of the month that usually scorches.  Vacations are reaching the last leg, as September and the new school year is just about two weeks away.  A very difficult week, with the loss of a 64 year-old first cousin (mother’s brother’s daughter), Antoinette Rotundo, who suffered through a decades-long illness, and a bike accident in Toms River down the Jersey shore that required a hospital stay for my brother Thomas Juliano (Fairview Police Chief).  Concussion, broken nose and face scrapes were the result of the mishap.  After visiting my brother in the Toms River Medical Center -he will be fine but a little recuperation time at home- we all stopped down at Seaside again for their famed large slice pizzas and another brief excursion on the boardwalk.

The Romantic Countdown continues, moving closer to the two-thirds completion point.  It all ends on October 6th.

Lucille, young Sammy and I (and the others for one) managed to see three films this week around the hospital visits, several wakes and my cousin’s funeral: (more…)

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