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Screen capture from A Nagy Fuzet (The Notebook)

by Sam Juliano

Labor Day.  Summer’s End.  The arrival of September.  The time the year’s most prestigious movies are released.  The opening of the opera and classical concert season.  The launching of the NFL Season.  The final weeks of MLB.  The start of cooler weather.  The opening of the school year.  Back to work for some late vacationers.   Lucille, the kids and I will be attending a holiday barbecue at the home of our lifelong friends Tony and Sara Lucibello today (Monday, that is).  A nice group, including my brother Paul and his family, and some cherished friends will also be in attendance.

The Romantic countdown is set to examine the Top 25 tomorrow.  Its hard to believe that three-quarters of the marathon project is complete, but here we are in the final lap.  The superlative quality of the writing continues, and no doubt will continue to right up until the final entry on October 6th.  It has not been an easy endeavor for a number of people -myself included- but in just five weeks many will earn a well-earned extended rest.  Many thanks to those who have taken the time to comment and follow the unveiling, and especially to the writers, all of whom have worked their tails off to offer unique new interpretations of the films that landed in the countdown. (more…)

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