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grouch by Sam Juliano

As our good friend Allan Fish continues to recuperate from a serious operation in a British hospital, we at Wonders in the Dark will be paying tribute to him over the coming fourteen days, with a two-a-day posting schedule of some of his greatest reviews, to be chosen by you the site writers, regulars and readers.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times that Allan is the best film writer out there, with singular talents that include peerless word economy and an encyclopedic knowledge of film, sprinkled with a refreshing caustic humor and the unique ability size up a film rarity, which he ceaselessly seeks out.  He is a film fanatic of the highest order, a fervent collector, and a man who remarkably balances scholarship and entertainment in his writings.

I hereby call upon the loyal membership of our site, one Allan co-founded with me back in 2008, to identify in the comment section of this post the Allan Fish review you would like to go up for an encore.  There are so many to choose from, but best advice is to scour his personal countdown and the tags that note his name.  Keep in mind, everyone, that Allan wrote several dozen very long pieces at the site as well, and all are no less magisterial. I will begin by naming the 1966 Czech masterpiece MARKETA LAZAROVA as my own choice.  No writer anywhere has matched his piece for this, though we can say that about many of his reviews.  The plan is to post two reviews a day up until Tuesday, October 21st. Keeping Allan in our thoughts let’s celebrate his movie passion to the fullest!  When he returns he will post a glorious new batch of new, priceless writings!  Here’s to Allan!   Thank you all.

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