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Note: The fifth entry in the Allan Fish Bonanza  Encore Series was selected by the great writer and impassioned cineaste Sachin Gandhi, the erstwhile proprietor of ‘Scribbles and Ramblings.’ 

by Allan Fish

(Argentina 2008 245m) not on DVD

Aka. Historias Extraordinarias

Knowing the rules

p  Laura Citarella  d/w  Mariano Llinás  ph  Agustin Mendilaharzu  ed  Alejo Moguillansky, Agustin Rolandelli  m  Gabriel Chwojnik

Mariano Llinás (X), Agustin Mendilaharzu (H), Walter Jakob (Z), Klaus Dietze (Cesar), Eduardo Iaccono (Factorovich), Horacio Marassi (Saponara), Hector Diaz (Salamone), Ana Livingston (Lola Gallo), Oscar Mauregui (Orlando Rey), Hector Bordoni (Carlos Armas), Lenadro Ibarra (Salvador Armas), Edmundo Lavalle (Palomeque), Pilo Nelli (Oyarzun), Victoria Hladilo (Vecina), Alberto Suarez (Lola’s older lover), Lola Arias (Alicia), Mariana Chaud (Maria Luisa), Fernando Llosa (Cuevas), Daniel Handler, Juan Minujin, Veronica Llinas (narrators),

It’s with some devilish pleasure that one imagines Robert McKee shaking his head through this film, one which breaks his cardinal rule about avoiding narrations more blatantly than any other.  There had been films before with virtually no dialogue and told entirely through narration, and some great ones, from Von Sternberg’s Anatahan back to Guitry’s Le Roman d’un Tricheur, and doubtless McKee would have poo-poohed both of those, too.  And yet what are rules if they are not to be broken.  Nothing is for ever.

So we take three stories – well, actually more than three stories, but we’ll leave that for a moment – featuring three male protagonists who are known only by letters; initials perhaps, it’s never clear.  There’s X who witnesses a meeting between a man on a tractor and two men in a red truck, a meeting which begins cordially enough but ends with one of the men in the truck blowing away the tractor driver with a shotgun.  They make their exit, only for X to enter having seen the driver hide a briefcase in a hay bail just prior to the meeting.  Then the driver gets up, not as fatally injured as he at first seemed, and X impulsively uses the discarded shotgun to shoot the driver for a second time, this time fatally.  Then there’s Z, who goes to work for the local Federation in a mundane job which allows much time for deliberation on the life of his predecessor, Cuevas, who, as it later transpires, had anything but a mundane life.  Finally, there’s H, who’s recruited to take pictures of small monoliths along a river, only to find that there is also engaged another, Cesar, whose task is to blow the monoliths up with dynamite.  (more…)

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by Anne Cafferkey

Well here we are one week later and what a week it’s been.  Allan is progressing really well.  The ventilation tube is out and the oxygen supply is being reduced daily.  He can now converse with his medical team and his parents and we were informed that yesterday they actually had him standing for a few moments – not easy for him but he is trying. He also asked for a crossword book to pass the time so his mind is bright. Allan only does the Daily Telegraph crossword which is out of my league.  The Doctors and Nurses are all very pleased with his progress so here’s hoping things get better everyday.   I will let you know when Allan is out of ICU and on the recovery ward. PS ALLEN SAYS HELLO TO YOU ALL and THANK YOU FOR YOUR GOOD WISHES..from his family we say love to each and every one of you. xxx

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