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mayflower 2

by Sam Juliano

The story of how the Pilgrims traveled to America on the Mayflower usually commands a full chapter in all middle school history textbooks.  It is one of the most celebrated events in the nation’s history, certainly commanding the same kind of reverence as the arrival of Columbus, the Declaration of Independence and Lincoln’s assassination.  Yet the documentary feel of the subject often leaves students either bored or indifferent to the fundamentals involving a trip across the Atlantic by people, who, by their very nature quietly committed to the task at hand, rather than moving forward with an adventurous spirit.  As a result texts usually steer clear of the humanity behind this monumental venture, in favor of a timeline narrative.  Ironically a non-American, Mark Greenwood, who hails and resides in western Australia, has engagingly examined the pulse of the 102 Puritans who in 1620 decided to defy the edicts of the King of England and find a place where they could worship without scrutiny.  In the new picture book release aptly titled The Mayflower, Greenwood has collaborated again with his erstwhile artist and wife Frane Lessac to bring a timeworn story to life with the deft fusion of concise and kid-friendly prose with wholly exquisite folksy art negotiated in gouache. (more…)

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