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by Sam Juliano

December has arrived without much fanfare, and at least on the east coast with moderate temperatures for this time of the year.  This is the time of the year when ten best lists will start to appear -and frankly I always find that a lot of fun for a host of reasons, not the least of which is that it is a time to celebrate cinema in the context of the year’s most notable achievements.  A ten-best list is not an arrogant declaration of what said person declares pompously as the ‘best’ but a happy remembrance of the films that meant the most to, dazzled or moved the viewer critic.  After a year of seeking out movies that I think it is fair that anyone who has seen a great many films should publish what he or she thinks are their favorites.  I also think the movie going readers look forward to and expect such lists.  It is always fun to compare what  one reviewer says with what another says and often the differences are mind-boggling.  It all comes down to tastes.  I’ve done lists since 1971, when I was 17, and I suppose I will do then till I die.  Ha!  Lists are the ultimate way to celebrate a given year’s cinema, literature, music, art and theater and any attempt to compromise that fun, well……it is being grinch-ish.  Lists evolve and change, and are only good for the short term, obviously.  That fact alone should tell the nay-sayers that the authors are intending for them to be taken seriously.  They are FUN, in that for the author they given the persona  chance to frame the experiences that meant the most to them, the ones that inspired them.  Is there anything more noble than that?  Isn’t the many, many hours we invested into this art worth more than just a grudging salute. Thanks, but no thanks. I take my movie going seriously. (more…)

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