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by Sam Juliano

Henny could at best be referred to as an anomaly comparable with the title character of The Ugly Duckling.  At worst her appearance evokes the specter of the science-fiction horror film The Fly, in which cells crossed during a scientific experiment run awry.  Of course first time author-illustrator Elizabeth Rose Stanton is dealing with the pre-K set, and her intentions are purely benign with her mood one of pointing out the good side of a seeming handicap.  Aptly titled Henny, the book exudes warmth, charm and a bevy of ideas for the young ones who might just believe that such a fantasy is possible, and that Henny might be a real life story.  Either way, the release signals a major talent, and the book appears headed for a continuing series like the one about the adorable pig named Olivia by Ian Falconer.  There is plenty that Henny has done and will do, and her adventures will no doubt bring smiles for the young ones, who this year have made this book wildly popular in the classrooms. (more…)

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