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by Sam Juliano

Christmas Day is practically upon us, and one must wonder how the time has flown by to bring it up so quickly.  With the holiday comes a well-earned break for many, and for others the chance to catch up on lost-delayed projects.  Right.  We’ll be right where we were before the break when the off time expires.  That’s the way it always was and that’s the way it always will be.  In any case it is always an ideal time to spend in theaters, concert halls, museums or libraries, and of course to put together your own year-end lists

In any event, par for the course December for me always involves some kind of nagging malady.  No sooner did the ear infection subside, than my issues with gastritis, hiatal hernia and gerd emerge again.  This is a condition that affects just about every adult member of my family in force, so I will have to again get some doctor’s attention this week.

I want to extend the heartiest congratulations to our good friend Paul Bartell (John Grant) for the publication of his new short story collection “Tell No Lies” on Alchemy Press:


Happy Holidays are extended to all our good friends and readers.  Let’s toast to the best year ever in 2015.


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