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by Sam Juliano

The parallel universe theme received some utterly delightful dramatization in Beverly Donofrio and Barbara McClintock’s Mary and the Mouse, the Mouse and Mary, a strikingly expansive book seemingly set in the 1960’s, released seven years ago.  A portal within the domestic environs does bring both worlds together in a gleeful exclamation point that announces a newfangled friendship.  Author and artist collaborated on a follow-up, Where’s Mommy? that is every bit as exquisite and appealing as its predecessor, and further spiced with a splendid element of mystery.  Maria and Mouse Mouse are now friends, though their interactions remain clandestine.  If Maria’s parents knew there were mice in the house, they’d adopt cats, and if Mouse Mouse’s had any knowledge of their daughter’s in house rendezvous with a human they’d head for earthy refuge. (more…)

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