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Screen capture from TIMBUKTU, an Oscar nominee for Best Foreign language film

by Sam Juliano

First off I want to apologize for my tardiness in getting to all the previous week’s comments under the Monday Morning Diary of January 26.  Today I will get to them all, including the news ones under this thread.  The past week was hectic, as I attempted to address as many of the remaining books that I thought deserved discussion in the Caldecott Medal Contender series.  This arduous task took up most of my time.  I still want to review several of the remaining books, but I will do this at a leisurely pace, since the Caldecott race officially ends this morning at around 9:00 EST, with the winning Newbery, Caldecott, Sibert and Belpre medals and honor books set to be announced at the ALA winter meeting in Chicago.  I probably will do one review a week, though this will depend on what time I can commit to it.  (there were about a dozen books that I simply ran out of time to cover, but doing them after the awards is just as fine the way I see it).  I want to thank all those who supported this series from the outset, and gave of their own time to click on ‘likes’ and to comment on many or most of the 51 entries that posted since early November.  John Grant, Laurie Buchanan, Frank Gallo, Peter, Jim Clark and Sharon Lovejoy have been absolutely extraordinary, though many others including Tim McCoy, Judy Geater, Pat Perry, Celeste Fenster, Sachin Gandhi, Kimrap (from China), Joel Bocko and David Noack have been invaluable as well.  Thanks to you all for your enthusiasm, and for finding the supreme artistry in field of remarkable riches.  I have never written so much in such a limited time window, and the experience allowed me to exhaustively consider the field, while giving me an outlet at a time of intense and unconscionable personal grief.  Yes, Wonders in the Dark remains primarily a film site, and this focus will reassert itself over the coming months, but books, music and theater will continue to have a voice in what was always planned as an arts site from the time the place opened up back in 2008. (more…)

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