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humanite 2

by Allan Fish

(France 1999 148m) DVD1/2

Life is really sick

p  Rachid Bouchareb, Jean Bréhat  d/w  Bruno Dumont  ph  Yves Cape  ed  Guy Lecorne  m  Richard Cuviller

Emmanuel Schotté (Pharaon de Winter), Séverine Caneele (Domino), Philippe Tullier (Joseph), Ghislain Ghesquère, Ginette Allegré, Darius, Arnaud Brejon de la Lavergnee, Daniel Petillon

An extreme long shot, a horizon in either the first light of dawn or at dusk.  A man emerges from trees to the left and is seen to run along the horizon.  We follow him over a wall and across some barren, unforgiving landscape that wouldn’t be out of place in a Brontë film.  He then falls to the earth, on his stomach, head turned to the left vaguely towards the camera.  His eye is wide open in a way not dissimilar to the dead Janet Leigh in Psycho.  He remains motionless, and for a few seconds we wonder whether he, too, is dead.  Then he moves.  We don’t know whether he was running from or to something. (more…)

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