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by Sam Juliano

It does appear conclusively that the icy grip of one of the worst winter seasons has been disconnected and signs of spring have begun to surface.  Sadly for those who have allergies this is a time when discomfort reigns supreme, but this matter is still a few weeks away for most.

As previously announced, preparations for the ‘Best Childhood Films’ countdown will proceed very soon.  As with our prior countdowns, the new one will be negotiated by gathering together the votes of approximately thirty film floggers who have been part of a cinema e mail network dating back to the musical countdown.

Lucille, the boys and I traveled down to the quaint village of Mount Holly, New Jersey on Saturday morning to attend the photography exhibit that largely included the superlative work of our good friend Jeff Stroud.  The entire venture translated to a great time, and Jeff’s framed captures deserve wide exposure.

Most of my movie watching this past week was at home on our new 50 inch 4X screen.  Classic television and blu-rays were watched with abandon, and I’m figuring there will much more to come in the months ahead.  We did get to see two films in theaters though:


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