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by Allan Fish

(Belgium 1944 115m) DVD2 (Belgium/France only) Aka. Boerensymfonie Four seasons and a wedding p  Henri Storck  d  Henri Storck, Maurice Delattre  w  Henri Storck, Jacques de Schryver, Marie Gevers  ph  Henri Storck, Maurice Delattre, Charles Abel, François Rents  ed  Henri Storck  m  Pierre Moulaert Even today, into the 21st century, the cinema of what have been long described, rather disparagingly, as the Low Countries, has been at best marginalised and, at worst, almost completely unacknowledged.  The lands that gave us Van Dyke, Rubens, Vermeer and especially, Rembrandt, who was playing with light and shadow centuries before the Lumières, treated like cinematic orphans. Before Paul Verhoeven came on the scene in the seventies, Dutch cinema was confined to the documentaries of Joris Ivens and Bert Haanstra.  And then what of its neighbour Belgium?  Sure, we now have the Dardenne brothers, but they’re seen as French, and André Delvaux was treated the same.  As both made French language films it was perhaps understandable.  Before Delvaux only really one name stands out, and he, too, like Ivens and Haanstra, was a documentarist; Henri Storck.


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