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farre 2

by Allan Fish

(France 1946 90m) DVD2 (France/Belgium only)

Aka. Farrebique, ou les quatre saisons

A world untouched

d/w  Georges Rouquier  ph  André Danton  ed  Madeleine Gug  m  Henri Sauguet

In 1983 Georges Rouquier made a return pilgrimage to Aveyron and Goutrens.  It was 38 years since he’d first gone to the region in 1945 to make Farrebique.  His new film would be called Biquefarre.  It’s an important document in itself but few would argue that it was as good as its predecessor.  Biquefarre marked a sort of diaspora, a leaving behind of the old ways of farming life documented in Farrebique.  It felt like we were watching something slipping by, while Farrebique was about continuation, a tale of the four seasons as they had been for countless generations.  Biquefarre opens with a shot of the old Farrebique farmhouse, now closed up, its family now moved into a purpose built modern house on adjoining land.  Even Biquefarre is now being sold up by its owner because maintaining it is no longer practicable. (more…)

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