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wolf hall

Mark Rylance as Cromwell in masterful WOLF ALL.

by Sam Juliano

Spring is here, but the temperatures have still yet to comply with this fact of nature.  As we move closer to April, we can only anticipate comfortable weather, but we shall see what we shall see.  Otherwise the baseball season will start later this week, and Easter Sunday is coming up next weekend.

The Childhood Films countdown venture is underway with e mails going out and many already engaged in viewing and re-viewing some of the ideal prospects.  It is expected that ballots will begin appearing in early May.  Any WitD readers not on the chain, but wanting to be just reach me at The Fountain26@aol.com, and I’ll include you.

Lucille, Broadway Bob and I attended the stage work GREAT KILLS on Saturday night.  The drama offers a good deal of laughs, and featured three actors – one of them the renowned Joe Pantoliano of Cliffside Park and Fairview upbringing.  The famed actor was the sole reason to see this decent play, and meeting him afterwards was a treat.  The huble and friendly Pantoliano graduated Cliffside Park High School, and is well-remembered for his roles in The Sopranos, Empire of the Sun, The Goonies, Midnight Run, Memento and La Bamba among others.  GREAT KILLS staged at the Theater For The New City on First Avenue.  I will run into the second week in April. (more…)

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