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fanfare 1

by Allan Fish

(Netherlands 1958 86m) not on DVD

13 against 12

p  Rudolf Meyer  d  Bert Haanstra  story  Jan Blokker, Bert Haanstra  ph  Eduard van  der Enden  ed  Ralph Sheldon, Bert Haanstraa  m  Jan Mul  art  Nico van Baarle  cos  Hanka Roeloffsen

Hans Kaart (Geursen), Bernard Droog (Krijns), Ineke Brinkman (Marije), Wim van den Heuwel (Douwe), Andrea Domberg (Lies), Albert Mol (Schalm), Ton Lutz (Altena), Herbert Joeks (Koendering), Henk van Buuren (Valentijn), Johan Valk (Van Ogten), Jan Mol (Hulpje van Geursen),

When The Ladykillers finally issued in the end of the Ealing comedy cycle in the mid-fifties and British film comedy turned to the Boultiing brothers’ satires and the Carry On farces, it was always likely that their flag would be taken up elsewhere.  Most obviously their influence can be seen in the whimsical comedies of the Czech new wave – imagine the various comic masterpieces of Vojtech Jasny, Milos Forman and Jiri Menzel had Michael Balcon’s celebrated cottage film studios not been there before.  Owing more to Ealing than any of those Bohemian classics, however, was a film from the Netherlands by a director of documentaries, Bert Haanstra, making his first fictional feature. (more…)

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