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hos 4

by Allan Fish

(UK 2008-2009 590m) DVD2

The spirit of Calgacus

p  Richard Downes, Tim Niel, Sarah Barclay, Clara Glynn  d  Tim Niel, Andrew Downes, Sarah Barclay, Clara Glynn, Bill MacLeod  w  Neil Oliver  ph  Neville Kidd  ed  Jonathan Seal  m  Paul Leonard-Morgan  art  Ewen Duncan  presented by  Neil Oliver

Considering the reputation of British television documentaries dealing with history, art and/or politics worldwide, it may seem unthinkable that a time may come when those series would be a thing of the past.  John Romer has been retired from the screen for over a decade, while David Starkey, Simon Schama and Michael Wood now qualify as pensioners.  We’re reliant on a new generation of presenters to take their place.  Only a year or so ago, I remember Neil Oliver tweeting that whoever took the presenting of a remake of Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation, as had been mooted, would be receiving a poisoned chalice.  Only someone sensible enough to refuse the offer to be considered.  (more…)

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