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Screen grab from superb and exhilarating Italian documentary “Palio”

king jack

Capture from excellent American youth drama about bullying, KING JACK.


Capture from extraordinary Japanese documentary “The Birth of Sake”

by Sam Juliano

The 2015 installment of the Tribeca Film Festival has been moved in good measure downtown to the Regal Battery Park Cinemas directly across West Street from the majestic new Freedom Tower on the World Trade Center grounds in order to conform to the original specifications of the event’s founders.  Yet, the old reliable 23rd Street Bow-Tie Cinemas and the School of Visual Arts Theater on 23rd Street are still hosting about 35 to 40% of the screenings, and it is at that location Lucille and I have done the lion’s share of our viewings.  The downtown Regal is a beautiful place for sure, but for matters of parking, dining variety, accessibility and general convenience it cannot remotely compare to the 23rd Street theaters.   The walking at Regal is prohibitive, and I am nursing what appears to be a slight misiscus tear on my left knee.  Lucille and I managed ten (10) feature films in the first four days of the fest -Thursday night through Sunday- and my report is generally a most favorable one.  But more on that and my star ratings in a bit.  The rest of the festival (including tonight) will come down to eighteen (18) more films over the next seven days, as well as an acquired screener of the Tribeca film Good Kills, and a theatrical viewing at the IFC Film center on the day after of the festival ends of the Kurt Cobain documentary, which will bring the grand total to thirty (30).  Last year I saw around 51, but I really wanted to get through this year’s festival without collapsing from exhaustion, so we set up a manageable itinerary.  As it is I have made sure to include all the perceived ‘must-sees’ according to many in the know.  There could well be a few last minute changes with the schedule as well. (more…)

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