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mom 1

by Allan Fish

(Canada 2014 138m) DVD1/

Selfie on a square screen

p  Nancy Grant, Xavier Dolan  d/w  Xavier Dolan  ph  André Turpin  ed  Xavier Dolan  m  Noia  art  Colombe Raby

Anne Dorval (Diana Després), Antoine-Olivier Pilon (Steve Després), Suzanne Clément (Kyla), Patrick Huard (Paul), Alexandre Goyette (Patrick), Michéle Lituac (director of centre), Viviane Pascal (Marthe), Natalie Hamel-Roy (Natacha),

Back in 2008, an Irish film was released that got little attention outside of the Emerald Isle, but which comes flooding back to memory upon watching Xavier Dolan’s Cannes Prix Jury winner.  On the surface they have little in common, except in a single artistic decision made by the director.  The film was Lance Daly’s Kisses, a tale of two kids, boy and girl, living in the slums on the outskirts of Dublin – who run away from their respective domestic hells to the city centre.  It begins in steely monochrome, but no sooner have they mounted a canal barge to make their journey to the Emerald City, their world slowly – and I mean slowly – begins to discover its colour, until by the time they reach the city centre, the monochrome has entirely been dispelled.  (more…)

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Note: Here are six fabulous screen caps from the 1918 film ‘Cupid in Quarantine’, which were sent on to me on Tuesday from Marilyn Ferdinand.  The silent, is the subject of this year’s Film Preservation Blogathon, being run at Ferdy-on-Films, This Island Rod and Wonders in the Dark on May 17-17th.  The theme of the blogathon is ‘science-fiction.’  hence all those planning to participate are urged to prepare their review son a chosen sci-fi film imminently as the time ticks down to the 13th.





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