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em 3

by Allan Fish

(UK 2015 108m) DVD1/2

Mary in a black and white world

p  Andrew MacDonald, Allon Reich  d/w  Alex Garland  ph  Rob Hardy  ed  Mark Day  m  Geoff Barrow, Ben Salisbury  art  Mark Digby, Katrina Mackay

Domhnall Gleeson (Caleb), Oscar Isaac (Nathan), Alicia Vikander (Ava), Sonoyo Mizuno (Kyoko),

Early in Alex Garland’s directorial debut a reference is made to Lewis Carroll which, at the time, seems an apt one.  Yet in hindsight it seems a deliberately misleading one, like a trail of crumbs to lead one not out of the maze but into its heart.  It’s a film that jumps straight into its plot without any real set up, a sci-fi film which treats its protagonist – hero would be slightly misleading – like Charlie Bucket.  He’s found the golden ticket, won a competition.  He’s going to Willy Wonka’s factory, or in this case, to the remote mountain estate of a billionaire genius scientist who made his fortune from creating the world’s premier search engine.  So Caleb arrives to be met by the reclusive Nathan who wastes little time in informing him that he’s completed his search into creating an A.I. prototype, which he calls Ava.  Caleb is here to act as examiner of said prototype, to ask the necessary questions to see whether she is genuine artificial intelligence or merely simulating her emotions.  (more…)

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