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1944 Mexican masterpiece ‘Maria Candelaria’ shown at Film Forum as part of Gabriel Figueroa Festival.


Screen capture from brilliant conclusion to Roy Andersson Trilogy, “A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence” shown at Film Forum

by Sam Juliano

My second knee meniscus tear in ten years necessitated a mid-week arthroscopy (Thursday), and temporarily had me out of commission, but I couldn’t stay back for long, what with some familial responsibilities.  Later this week I will begin what will surely be a month of therapy, but I know that routine well.  In any case I did manage a full week, and returned to school this morning.  My deepest apologies to those who were motivated and gracious enough to comment on last week’s Monday Morning Diary.  I still haven’t responded to several, but will do so today.  It is not a routine I normally embrace, but this has been a maddening week.

The Childhood countdown has been all sorted out and is now officially set to launch on Monday, June 22nd with a banner opening salvo by film writer extraordinaire Ed Howard.  I’ll leave the identity of the title until that date, as I don’t want to spoil anything for the non email network site readers.   The vast majority of the assignments have been taken, with a few left that will certainly be sorted out by the respective publication dates.  The countdown will continue until Wednesday, October 14th, the date the #1 film will be unveiled.  Talk has already started on doing a Great War Films of All-Time Countdown in the spring of 2016, but we are better off taking thing s day and a week at a time.  God willing we will approach that hurdle when the time comes.  Right now the Childhood Films Countdown takes center stage, and writer David Schleicher may be right on when he opined by e mail that “this could be the site’s greatest countdown ever!”

The hectic week was largely fueled by the three day attendance (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) at the Governor’s Ball musical events on Randall’s Island that involved my daughters Melanie and Jillian.  They got to see and hear some of their heroes like Bjork, Lana Del Rey and Florence and the Machine.  A real Woodstock styled affair with pot smoke in the air, and 40,000 strong each day.  Lucille and I escorted our girls to and from the location, with the late night pickups around 11:30 P.M.  The bottom line of course is that the girls had a whale of a time traversing the tent covered stages set in the grassy expanses. (more…)

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