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by Allan Fish

I never met Christopher Lee.  Most people who were left deeply saddened by yesterday’s announcement of his death won’t have done either.  But they feel as if they did.  Only yesterday horror buff Mark Gatiss tweeted how he’d been a huge part of his youth and the fact is he was a part of the youth of several generations of film lovers.  It seemed as if he was, to quote our Sam yesterday, indestructible, and on a personal level his birthday was only 24 hours (if 51 years) before mine.  I’d hoped he’d live to receive a telegram from Her Majesty, and imagined him smiling at the irony.  Elizabeth Windsor’s bloodline is impressive and can be traced back over a thousand years.  “You can trace your lineage back to William the Conqueror, ma’am, not many can say that.”  He wouldn’t have added, because he was too much of a gentleman, “I can trace mine back to Charlemagne.”  He’d have scoffed at such proud sentiments. (more…)

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