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First Annual Art Exhibit near Hudson County Lake over the weekend

by Sam Juliano

Some steady improvement in my mobility and knee issue has enabled me to stay the course with various planned events over the past week, though as many of us in the metropolitan area well know this past week was one where we’d be successful in frying eggs on sidewalks.  The upcoming weeks for Lucile and I will feature several weddings, a class re-union, two retirement affairs in the same day, and the graduations of my son Sammy and daughter Jillian from high school and Jr. High School respectively.  Here’s a great big shout out to Marilyn Ferdinand in Chicago, who will be the focus of a 60th Birthday party out there on Saturday.

     The Childhood Films Countdown will launch a week from today for a nearly four month weekday run until early October with an opening essay from writer extraordinaire Ed Howard.  E mail chain members/writers are advised to keep abreast of the schedule grid in preparing their work.  This should be quite a venture, certainly in a league with our previous countdowns covering musicals, comedies, westerns and romances.  Once again we have some of the finest films writers online ready to strut their stuff. The past week was quite hectic.  An appearance at the Hudson County Park Art Show (the first annual) on Sunday yielded some magnificent work, and art aficionados showed their appreciation with remarkable attendance.  Later in the afternoon we attended the Paramus Book Festival on the grounds of the Public Library, and sat in for my lifelong friend Peter Danish’s presentation on his amazon bestseller on speech making.  Nearly 100 authors were part of this amazing venue.

     I was unable to see The Apu Trilogy Film Forum restorations, but I plan to make good on the last two days this Festival is being run at the Film Forum (today and tomorrow).  Lucille, Danny and I saw the new film on the Beech Boys’ Brian Wilson last night, though.  I watched the French television masterpiece LA MAISON DES BOIS on Friday night.  Maurice Pialat’s magnificent work would have been a perfect fit for the childhood films countdown. (more…)

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