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by Allan Fish

WARNING – contains spoilers and conjecture, so do not proceed if you haven’t seen till the end of series 5.

It seems so long ago now.  Arya serving Tywin Lannister at Harrenhal, trying to keep out of sight of those like Petyr Baelish who may know her real identity.  Tywin finds himself surrounded by idiots and is beginning to wonder how he can deal with Robb Stark – remember him? – the impudent Stark wolf pup who’d defeated him on the field.  Tywin asks Arya, as an authentic northern girl, about how Robb is perceived, and Arya talks of how some people talk as if he can’t be killed.  “Do you believe that?”, Tywin asks her pointedly.  “No”, she replies with just the right air of resignation, “anyone can be killed.”

Don’t we know it!  For anyone coming to Game of Thrones as a Westerosi virgin, unacquainted with the doorstopper-sized books that inspire it and who have successfully avoided spoilers, it will have been a chastening journey.  The first season alone had seen the king done in by a wild boar and a would-be candidate for his throne covered in molten gold.  The would-be heroine of the piece, Daenerys Targaryen, had her child and husband taken from her.  Oh, yes, and a bloke called Ned Stark lost his head.   If a king and the star of the show could both be talked of in the past tense before we reached the end of round one, what hope for the rest of them? (more…)

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