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wc 2

by Allan Fish

(UK 2014 77m) DVD2

1827 days in hell…with Roy Wood

p  Barney Reisz  d  Carl Tibbetts  w  Charlie Brooker  ph  George Steel  m  John Opstad  art  Joel Collins

Jon Hamm (Matt), Rafe Spall (Potter), Oona Chaplin (Greta), Natalia Tena (Jennifer), Janet Montgomery (Beth), Rasmus Hardiker (Harry), Dan Li (Tim),

Think of Christmas specials on TV in 2014.  Easy to think of Doctor Who, especially as 2014’s Christmas special was the best yuletide adventure for the Timelord there has yet been, in its way a far from cosy piece, hinting at the nightmarish world of dreams.  Then there was Faye Marsay’s Shona, dancing through a sick bay to Slade, strumming her leg like a guitar.  Over on Channel 4, though, something very different was brewing, no Crimbo special with Santa saving the day with his reindeer.  No, kiddies, Jack Skellington has taken over Christmas with a very real nightmare.

As a whole Black Mirror has been a mixed bag, but you daredn’t miss an episode for fear of missing a corker.  The first season in particular had unforgettable moments with poor Rory Kinnear’s Prime Minister given a dilemma and a half and Rupert Everett essentially playing a Simon Cowell from a nightmarish future.  White Christmas is another nightmarish future, but one which leaves you feeling like Holmes after Moriarty takes his blood out pint by pint.  It’s against a golden rule of inclusion, taking out one episode from a series, but the fact is that White Christmas is just too good to leave behind, as much as a warning as entertainment.  (more…)

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