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by Mark Lester (a. k. a. Sam Juliano)

My name is Mark Lester and I am now nine-years old.  I just got back from America, after appearing at the Academy Awards, where the movie I starred in, Oliver!  won the Best Picture Oscar.  I flew in with my friend Jack Wild who received an acting nomination for the same movie.  Oliver! is about an orphan boy who lived in London a long time ago during a period they tell me was known as the “Victorian Age.”  Mind you, that boy wasn’t real at all.  He was imagined by a very famous writer named Mr. Charles Dickens.  He’s the same bloke who invented the story about that old miser Scrooge and the invalid boy Tiny Tim.  My dad has always told me how much he enjoyed reading other books that Mr. Dickens wrote.  One is called David Copperfield and another starts off with the words “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  Mom loves watching some old black and white movie about a prisoner in a church yard, a young man named Pip, and an old hag known as Miss Haversham.  She said she read a book in school about some bleak house that had many secrets.  The book store is two blocks away from my house in the city of Oxford in the county of Oxsfordshire has all of Mr. Dickens’ books on sale for only five quid.  Mom said this was really the dog’s bollocks and she would be going there straight away to pick up the lot.

Anyway it all started almost a year ago when a a proper looking limey in his early 60’s came to my school to conduct interviews for a new movie he was planning to direct.  He first addressed the whole student body in the assembly hall, where I am told Winston Churchill once spoke during the war years.  He sounded dead serious when he said that the honor of Britain was at stake.  He identified himself as Mr. Carol Reed and he mentioned some of the older movies he had directed.  I can’t remember all the names but he seemed to be most proud of two: The Third Man and Odd Man Out.  Anyway those weren’t the kind of movies that a boy like me was interested in watching.  Give me “Doctor Who” and that American space show that features the officer with the pointed ears, any day.  Black and white movies are uncool.  (more…)

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