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mg 1

by Allan Fish

(USSR 1938 100m) DVD1

Aka. Maxim Gorki Trilogy: Part I; Detstvo Gorkogo

Ode to a grandmother

d  Mark Donskoi  w  Ilya Gruzdev, Mark Donskoi  ph  Pyotr Yermalov  ed  Mark Donskoi  m  Lev Schwartz  art  Ivan Stepanov

Alexei Lyarsky (Aleksei Peshkov), Yelizaveta Alekseyava (Varvara Kashirina Peshkova), Mikhail Troyanovski (Vasili Vasilyevich Kashirin), Valeria Massalitinova (Akulina Ivanva Kashirin), Daniil Sagaal (Ivan), Vasili Novikov (Uncle Yakov), Aleksandr Zhukov (Uncle Mikhail), S.Tokhonorov (The Lodger), K.Zubkov (Old Grigori), Igor Smirnov (Alexei), E.Marnaev (Sacha Kashirin),

Mark Donskoi’s famous Maxim Gorky trilogy holds a special place in the hearts of film-lovers everywhere.  It isn’t faultless, and certainly the first part is vastly superior to the second and third instalments, My Apprenticeship and My Universities, hence it being the only one included here.  It’s like getting into a DeLorean, cranking it up to 88mph and letting the flux capacitor do its thing, for we really are transported back in time.  As Gorky himself is quoted in the opening caption, “in bringing the past to life I myself find it difficult to believe that all this really happened, but truth is above compassion.” (more…)

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