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by Sam Juliano

The upcoming week has been diagnosed as a real scorcher with temperatures expected in the 90’s, but the previous seven day span was marginally more tolerable.  As always it seems for most that the summer is moving along as a brisk pace, and the month of August lies on the horizon.  Many in our fraternity are away or are close to vacation departure.  I am myself engaged in the annual summer school program, which is now halfway complete.  Friday, August 7th will be the last day.

I have uncharacteristically curtailed theater movie viewings this summer for two reasons:  First off, the quality of the releases is disappointing (though summer is traditionally the weakest time of the year cinematic for films) and secondly I have taken on too heavy a burden for the Childhood/Adolescent Films Countdown that has caused a problem with setting aside time to write.  Just this coming week for example I have reviews due up for three successive days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) will with plenty more in the coming weeks.  While I was happy to take on some films I love, I simply went overboard and am now paying the price.  It is virtually unheard of for Lucille and I to skip a Saturday night out.  The original plans as per Friday were to trek up to Joey’s in Hewitt to see one of our favorites musicians again, but my responsibilities interfered.  Ah well.

The countdown is moving along quite nicely with solid numbers and decent support.  As always the quality of the presentations has been first-rate, and the diversity of the choices as voted on by many impassioned film buffs has made for an enthralling show. (more…)

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