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by Sam Juliano

The Greatest Childhood/Adolescent Films Countdown is now down to the final three-and-a-half weeks after a lengthy run that began back in mid-June.  The essays throughout have been first-rate and all the barometers of measurement have been most impressive as of late after it lagged a bit in the middle stages.  Upon completion, the site will go back to a wider focus, what with an assortment of film and music reviews and the late November launching of the Caldecott Contender series.  The latter project will be pared down from last year when 51 reviews were published over ten weeks.  There are a number of reason why that kind of volume will not be happening again.

Today is officially the first day of autumn, but nothing about that brisk and colorful season is anywhere near fruition, what with unrelenting heat and summer like aspects till in full force.  This is a great time of year for movie, opera, music, baseball and football fans, as well as for those who look forward to the annual book festivals.  I was so disappointed that I erred on the date for the Princeton Book Festival, which was held this past Saturday as I always look forward to it each and every year, but this coming Saturday I will attend the equally celebrated one in Warwick, New York (where I’ve never attended) and then to the one in Chappaqua, New York on October 3rd.  Later this week the renowned illustrator Frane Lessac and her equally celebrated author husband Mark Greenwood will be doing book presentations at our own Lincoln School.  I arranged for this long-awaited visit, and it will be a great day for sure.

On the domestic front everything remains hectic, what with the college commuting and weekend back and forths on the schedules of my son Sammy and daughter Melanie.  Nothing will be changing anytime soon.  On Friday Lucille and I will be seeing Pope Francis in Central Park, as the result of an incredibly generous offer from a benefactor friend.  Certainly something we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

I am presently reading the superb Pulitzer-prize winning Charles Sumner and the Coming of the Civil War by David Herbert Donald. (more…)

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