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18. Los Olvidados (1950)

olv 3

by Allan Fish

(Mexico 1950 88m) DVD2

Aka. The Young and the Damned

The lucky tooth

p Oscar Dancigars d Luis Buñuel w Luis Buñuel, Oscar Dancigars, Luis Alcoriza ph Gabriel Figueroa ed Carlos Savage m Gustavo Pitaluga

Alfonso Mejia (Pedro), Miguel Inclan (The Blind Man), Estela Inda (The Mother), Roberto Cobo (Jaibo), Jesus Navarro (The Lost Boy), Alma Fuentas (Mechte), Francisco Jambrino (The Principal), Hector Portillo, Salvador Quiros, Victor Manuel Mendoza,

Luis Buñuel became a Mexican citizen in 1949, and immediately set to work on his first major film in over a decade. Admittedly the budget was spare and it had to be wrapped up inside of three weeks, but what emerged on screen in 1950 was a revolutionary film, one which captured the essence of the 20th century’s greatest tragedy, poverty, better than virtually any other film before or since.

Pedro and Jaibo are two teens who live in Mexico City’s pestilent urban slums. Jaibo is a vicious, irredeemable creature who enjoys picking on those even less fortunate than himself, while Pedro occasionally betrays a goodness out of place and at odds with his surroundings. One of Jaibo’s favourite targets is a local blind beggar, though he also sets his sights on one of his gang’s younger sister, Mechte. (more…)

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