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the assassin


by Sam Juliano

The day of jack-o-lanterns, ghost costumes and teeth rotting candy is upon us, but no matter how you size it up it is tons of fun for most.  Kids will benefit mightily from the rarity of a Saturday Halloween, though parents obviously much less so.  Horror film lovers are in their own annual cinematic delirium, and various haunted house attractions are all the rage.  This is a time for at-home denizens to break out their Universal Horror, Val Lewton and Italian Giallo box sets, though there is plenty more for rustling up scares.

Mets fans are on Cloud Nine, though their World Series matchup with the American League champion Kansas City Royals is sizing to be a real barn burner.  Area football fans are celebrating their football win over the hated Cowboys.  The next several weeks will no doubt be the ones film fans remember the most when compiling their year-end lists.  But everything is hopping on all the artistic fronts including opera.

To be or not to be….A equally dramatic interpretation of that iconic phrase has been playing itself out at the site over the last several days, and it has culminated with some highly unexpected changes in the 2016 Science Fiction Films Countdown.  The project is still quite a time away, but we still haven’t firmed up the manner of how it will proceed.  Stay tuned. (more…)

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