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                                 Jillian in Halloween garb


                                 Jeremy in Halloween garb

by Sam Juliano

Pumpkins will be around for at least a month longer, but in large measure to make pies and for Thanksgiving ornamentation.  The jack-o-lantern variety has mystically departed until next year, though it made its mark on many porches across America.  Gone too is the trick or treating, though horror film lovers aren’t about to give up the ghost yet.  Just when you get back into something with a marked passion, the calendar comes barging in.  But much like past years adherents of this genre will stay the course at least a few weeks longer.  This writer watched a bunch of horror classic on blu ray and DVD over the past week on a HD large screen for one, and it was great time for the family to share the fun.

As a lifelong baseball aficionado I have watched every minute of the World Series, and have marveled in the ups and downs for both teams.  The Kansas City Royals won in an unlikely comeback thanks to a crucial error and some 8th inning heroics in Game 4 to take a commanding 3 to 1 lead.  I will revise this post either late tonight or tomorrow morning to reflect the results of Game 5.  A Royals win will end the series, while a Mets triumph will force a Game 6 in Kansas City on Tuesday night.  Meanwhile the Giants incurred a bizarre 52 to 49 football loss in New Orleans to the Saints after a costly face mask penalty setting up the winning field goal.

I’m not so sure whether we will be celebrating the last two months of the movie year, or whether conversely we’ll be lamenting the dearth of quality works.  The proof, alas, will be in the pudding.  So far I’d characterize 2015 as an average year in movies, even if I will have no trouble compiling a ten-best list, what with a fair number of very good films part of this annual equation.  Things on this front won’t begin to heat up for another four to five weeks.  The opera season is well underway, and I’ll be seeing a number of the HD broadcasts in local theaters.   (more…)

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