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by Sam Juliano

Note:  This is the third review in the 2015 Caldecott Contender series that will be published at this site over the coming months, up until the January 11th scheduled awards date.  The books that will be examined are not necessarily ones that are bonafide contenders in the eyes of the voting committee, but rather the ones this writer feels should be.  The order they will be presented is arbitrary as some of my absolute favorites will be presented near the end.

Sergio Ruzzier is one of those author-illustrators you just know will eventually land squarely in the Caldecott winners circle.  Both Have You Seen My New Blue Socks?, a delightful story that will connect with people who look for their glasses only to realize they are hanging on their ears, and last year’s A Letter for Leo, a crowd pleaser in the classrooms about an irresistible friendship between a nondescript weasel and a hibernating bird are picture book masterpieces that showcase this extraordinary classicist’s indelible tapestries in full bloom.   The Italian-born artist employs a European sensibility to his work, that exhibits a retro look that is equally striking to the primary audience of this kinds of books, and their art loving guardians.  Sharp-eyed viewers might see some persuasive comparisons with the art of renowned artists Leo Politi and Tomie DePaola, but on the other hand Ruzzier is an original whose work is singly identifiable. (more…)

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