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John Crowley’s aching coming of age drama “Brooklyn” starring Saoirse Ronan may well be the film of the year.

by Sam Juliano

While prognostications of a mild winter have surfaced in recent weeks, stateside we are now immersed in the atmospheric glories of the autumn season with colorful leaves, brisk temperatures and Thanksgiving preparations in full swing.   Football fans are engaging in the heart of their season, while denizens of the arts are at the height of their obsessions.  The past few days have been unconscionable on the world stage, what with the barbarism in Paris, but there are no words that can accurately gauge what we are all thinking.

A final decision has finally been reached on the manner of administration that will be applied to the execution of the late Spring/early Summer Greatest Science Fiction films countdown.  After discussing the matter with some others at the site and reviewing the general sentiments of the likely writers we have decided to stay the course.  That is we will have an open vote for all those on the current e mail chain, and any others attending the site who wish to cast a ballot.  No doubt this will mean there will be in upwards of 35 to 40 ballots in the final mix and an open schedule for all writers to claim.  This method will follow in the footsteps of the hugely successful musicals, comedies, westerns, romances and childhood/adolescent countdowns that been staged at Wonders in the Dark over the last four and a half years.  I urge all prospective participants at their convenience to survey the science fiction field in the coming months.  I plan to send out some copies of relative rarities to the interested parties as soon as I begin to take this project more seriously after the holiday season.  Ballots will be accepted on the chain beginning on April 1st, and ending on the final day of that month, at which point they will be tabulated by Angelo D’Arminio Jr.  The projected starting date for the countdown will be May 21st.  We are figuring for this poll, a Top 50.  This would mean the project would run till around mid August or so.

The Caldecott Medal Contender series has been moving forward quite nicely, with several of the reviews being posted and shared enthusiastically with the author-illustrators on Facebook and other channels.  I am not sure how many reviews will actually be written at this point, but I will sort that out as it progresses.  The page view totals have spiked dramatically over the past two weeks, in large measure because of the reviews of Ida Pearle’s The Moon Is Going to Addy’s House and Sergio Ruzzier’s Two Mice.  The former review has amassed a total approaching 400 page views in the three days since it published. (more…)

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