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by Sam Juliano

A child’s concept and appreciation of life’s most vital component are basically encapsulated in the title of Water Is Water, a non-fiction picture book by Miranda Paul, with illustrations by Jason Chin.  There is practically a concession by the creators that the life giving transparent fluid known by way of the chemical tables as H20 is taken for granted.  Few could be fascinated with its origin or manifestations, since it all around us, and in a continuing aspect of our daily routine.  Water constitutes 71% of the Earth’s surface, and all living things are composed largely of this necessary combination of hydrogen and oxygen.  During the course of a day we drink several glasses of water, we use it to wash, to toilet, to shave, to brush our teeth, and often to bath or swim.  We shield ourselves from water during a rainstorm, we eagerly avail ourselves of it from a hose during the summer heat, we use it to irrigate our gardens, and urgently to put out fires.  Water poses no special mystery, nor any kind of intricate understanding of its worth, but for elementary school students it still provides the fodder for a rudimentary understanding of its many properties and the reasons why it wears different clothes that are contingent on temperatures in the planet’s atmosphere and on its surface, as well as height and density. (more…)


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